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Seller FAQ

What is a “premium” snapchat account?

A premium snapchat account is a private snapchat account used to deliver premium content to paying fans.

Why should I create a HeySnaps account when I am already selling access to my private snapchat account?

Selling access to your snapchat independently is very risky. Snapchat routinely closes accounts of users it deems to be adult-oriented. Posting nude content or prices for nude content to your public story WILL get your account deleted.

Why not have people Direct Message me about accessing my premium?

Although not as risky as posting prices directly to your story, it’s not uncommon to be deleted by Snapchat for this type of behavior. Why expose your public account to that risk? It is only a matter of time before your account is deleted and your sales plummet to zero.

Besides protecting my public account, why else should I use HeySnaps?

You don’t have to be available online to make a sale.

Imagine if you had to message customer support and wait for a response every time you wanted to make a purchase online. Chances are you would either find a different site or not make a purchase at all. Your HeySnaps page never sleeps and is ready to take orders at any given moment.

Generate sales from the site’s organic traffic.

Half the site’s sales are from traffic the site brings organically.

Gain followers on your public account.

Include your public account and/or back-up acccount’s Snapcode on your page to get more followers.

Customer FAQ

What happens after I make a purchase?

Subscriptions: Upon successful completion of the checkout process customers will receive a New Order email (see image below) that includes a hyperlink that adds the subscription provider as your friend in Snapchat. Contemporaneously, you will be added as a friend on the subscription providers Snapchat account.

Personal Snaps: Models receive your Snapchat ID and order details upon successful completion of the checkout process.

How do I cancel my subscription?

TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION: enter 2 of 3 required pieces of information (Email, Credit Card #, or Subscription ID) at ccbill.com’s customer cancellation page seen below:



I.) Help remembering the required pieces of information? Try following these steps:

Step 1: View email address you used to create your HeySnaps account  HERE.

Step 2: Search that email account for “CCBill”.

II.) Call 1.888.596.9279 to speak with a customer service rep that is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week

III.) Send a Direct Message to Hey.Snaps on Snapchat or email help@heysnaps.com and we will pull any information you need. We typically respond faster through Snapchat.

Do I get a free T-shirt?

Absolutely Not.

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